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I Blog Mustang on iPad

Thanks to a new development at WordPress, this blog is now available in more attractive iPad specific user experience. Go check it out ;)



How Steve McQueen asked his ‘Bullitt’ Mustang back

… and didn’t get it. It appears to be so that in 1977 Steve McQueen wrote a letter to who appears to be the owner of the famous Bullitt Mustang used in the movie. Well one of them, as there were 2 different cars prepped for the movie, we’re talking about the one that wasn’t used for the stunts… and thus survived.

Who the owner was (and probably still is) nobody seems to know, but it is clear that they kept the Mustang, despite Steve’s request.


Nice find from the car maniacs of Drivr.

Ford Mustang iPhone slider case

Want. Nothing more to say, here’s where you can buy this case.


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