Shelby Limited Edition Cruiser Bike

Let it to Shelby do do awesome things with anything on wheels. Although we usually think of Shelby as creator of awesome car modifications, this time they teamed up with Felt Bikes to do something similar with your regular bicycle.


“This limited edition cruiser bicycle will be individually badged and serial numbered bikes are finished in Wimbledon White with the Guardsman Blue paint scheme that’s so reminiscent of the vintage Shelby cars. The bike boasts Felt’s hydro-formed aluminum tank frame, three-speed Shimano Nexus internal gearing and 36-spoke wheels.”


Awesome don’t you think? Hat tip to Cameron for discovering the news, and yeah I want one as well. He also has got loads more pictures of the bike so go check it out. It doesn’t come cheap but in comparison to any other good bike the price is definitely about right.

[Via ‘67 Mustang Blog]


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14 responses to “Shelby Limited Edition Cruiser Bike”

  1. Troy Lerdo says :

    This is pretty cool, a Shelby Bike… they would look good together in the garage.. you think?

  2. Kristen @ Auto Lease says :

    Yes, I agree that it looked awesome. I like the nice colors of the bike, which is white and blue. Unfortunately the cruiser bicycle is limited edition, I hope the Felt bikes will continue to make other bicycle as unique as this.

  3. Juan nieves says :

    How much for da beach cruiser

    • Charles Segers says :

      Felt bikes run anywhere from $800 to $5k.. This bike will more than likely be somewhere around the $4k-$6k mark.. The $5k bike that they offer is electric. But being this bike is teamed with Shelby, and limited edition, it will be as expensive as the most expensive bike..

  4. Shelby says :

    Man, what is the price of this? Do I get a discount since I’M a “Shelby”? lol

  5. Charles Segers says :

    Gonna get me AND my son one!!! Can’t wait!!

    • Charles Segers says :

      Just received a feed that this bike is going to be $9300.00.. WOW!! If thats true, then me and the boy may wait a while before getting us a pair

  6. John says :

    Better idea, get a Shelby bike made in Shelby, Ohio. Only draw back they were made before the Mustang.

  7. Kris Hoet says :

    To all – according to the FELT release at the time it would go on sale at retail for $999:

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