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Mustang for the cause

Yesterday I received a comment from Suzanne Vanderhoef about a project that definitely deserves some extra attention.

RIDEMAKERZ™ along with legendary car designer Chip Foose, are auctioning off five MAKERZ Edition Ford Mustangs on Ebay to benefit the Progeria Research Foundation.


These 5 very special cars, approximately 1:18 scale, with custom painted ABS plastic bodies, were personally selected by Chip from our “MAKERZ EDITION” of just 100 Mustangs, which were not for sale but were given to our employees and friends to commemorate the new RIDEMAKERZ SHOP opening at Mall of America this past July.


Chip, who is on the board of RIDEMAKERZ, selected the 5 numbers for auction [67, 68, 05, 06, & 07], for their SPECIAL SIGNIFICANCE in the history of the Ford Mustang:

  • Numbers 67 and 68 were selected by Chip because he considers these years as the Mustang’s finest and they were the inspiration for the Ford designers when they designed the new Muscle Car-inspired Mustang GT.
  • Numbers 05, 06 and 07 were selected by Chip as the years of the reemergence of these Mustangs.

So Mustang lovers – because I guess this is what keeps you coming here – what keeps you waiting: it’s a Mustang and for the cause. Place your bid ;)


#13: Unlock a Mustang

It’s all over the news the last few days: a 17-year-old – named George Hotz – has unlocked the iPhone. Quite a few people are waiting for George to unleash his unlocking code on the internets, but since AT&T’s and Apple’s legal team are after him it’s not sure that’s going to happen soon.

George did find another way to cash in on all those hours figuring out how to unlock it, by trading it in for 3 new iPhones but more importantly also a Nissan 350Z. My first thought? A Nissan?! A Nissan for Christ sake!


Anyway since he proved this works, I figured I found my 13th possibility to get myself that precious classic Mustang I’m after. Just need to unlock the iPhone… HELP. Guess I’ll keep on looking for another way ;)

Couldn’t find a car you like here in Germany?

I posted this neat quote already back in January pointing to a commercial that was burried somewhere deep down in the Ford website.

“So, you couldn’t find a car you like here in Germany? No, I couldn’t find a speed limit I liked in America!”

The only reason for posting this again today is that I found the clip on Youtube so much easier for you to enjoy, so here we go:

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Who you’re gonna call?!


Well it sure ain’t the Ghostbusters this time ;) Mustangblog just had this story up on the 2008 Saleen S302 that was used for the Transformers movie.

“The cars are the stars in DreamWorks’ new hit movie “Transformers,” and the Saleen S281 Extreme is receiving rave reviews as everyone’s favorite bad guy. Appearing in various scenes, the Extreme – disguised as a deceptive police car code-named “Barricade” –pursues lead character Sam Witwicky, played by Shia Labeouf, and ultimately battles his “Autobot” protector, a 1976 Chevrolet Camaro named “Bumblebee.”

Let me say that I would be more than happy to see the bad guy win the battle this time, the Camaro is nice but … you know.

Knowing that you will actually be able to buy this car later on (without the police signs I’m afraid) will make Mustang fans even more happy I guess. Here’s more info on the Saleen website.

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Remember #3? It works…

… just not for me. It works for Red Bull Racing. They started a promotion to raise money for charity on the last F1 Grand Prix.

“Basically the idea was to apply the million pixel page concept to a racing car – and instead of corporate logos real race fans could have their face on a Formula 1 car – in return for a donation to charity. You can see the idea here.”


Red Bull raised up to $500k through this promotion which is not bad. But just like Simon mentioned on his blog, it could have been better, it’s not like the idea was marketed very good. Isn’t it funny that as F1 addict, I only heard about this via a marketing blog that I read instead of via one of the many F1 sources? I think it is.

It is great though to see that the idea popped up in one of Simon’s Big Picture brainstorms long time ago. Seems like times have changed.

Mustang for Men

About a month ago, Estee Lauder and Ford introduced a new fragrance for men, which will simply be called Mustang. The new scent is meant ..

“…to appeal to ‘retrosexuals’ — a guy’s guy, the opposite of a metrosexual. This isn’t a car fragrance. It’s a lifestyle brand. The scent…is characterized as a ‘rugged oriental.’ It has top notes of lavender, ginger and lemon; a heart of pipe tobacco and cedar wood, and a drydown of amber, fir balsam and patchouli.”


It should be available from next month in stores like Sears, JC Penney, … I always wanted to smell like a car ;)

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GT 50%

I agree, this blog didn’t get enough attention of my the last few weeks and months. I’m hoping to become again a bit more active here so here we go again, thanks for sticking around.

I wanted to show you a car that I found last week on Gizmodo, not because it’s good looking nor because it’s a Mustang… because it ain’t. I present you the Smartinor – a crazy concept car design based on the Smart ForTwo and Eleanor (the Mustang out of ‘Gone in 60 Seconds‘ remember). It’s a kind of funny ugly car and especially the GT 50% on the sidestrip is good proof of that.


Just one thing though, lose the Japanese chick will ya ;)

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