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Bullitt canvas art

Carposters are cool in a boys bedroom, but when you get older you might want things to look a bit more artistic. That’s exactly what the Drivr team thought when they tipped us of this automotive canvas art. And yes, there’s Mustang in there ;)


Wouldn’t you want this 4 panel painting in your living room? I know I would. You can have it in several sizes. There are other Bullitt related paintings as well in case you’d like the idea but look for another image. It looks like they ship pretty much everywhere. I’m interested.


I heart Bullitt

My wish has always been to own a ‘65 Mustang one day. It was the model I always believed I wanted most. The original WordPress URL of this blog (before buying even had the ‘65’ mention in it. I realized it’s not true though. Yes I really want that 1965 model one day if possible, but the one I care about most, the one I want first and foremost is the one we know as Bullitt. Or say a 1968 Mustang Fastback in Bullitt green… yes, that one :)


Isn’t that just the coolest car ever? Not convinced? Here are some more great photos of my dream car:



And in case you want one for yourself? Here are the do’s and don’ts for a ride like Frank’s.

112_0801_19z 1968_ford_mustang_bullitt feature_diagram

McQueen says yes to Bullitt replica


Or the McQueen family to be correct. Autoblog had the following news a couple of days ago:

“Fans of the car and McQueen are one step closer to realizing this dream thanks to the McQueen estate, which has authorized the building of official replica Bullit Mustangs in honor of the film’s 40th anniversary. Ownership of the Bullit name is shared by the McQueen family and Warner Bros., …”

Autoblog also mentions they’re not sure who will actually build the car, but thinking you will actually be able to buy this classic… man, I know what I want for Christmas now. Although, it must be said (and you know I’m really a fan of the 1965-1968 Mustangs) that new Bullitt looks incredible as well. They would actually both do well in my garage :)

Mapping Bullitt

Like you would ever need another reason to watch the coolest car chase of all times yet again right? Someone just mapped the video of the car chase scene onto Google Maps. From the creator:

“I’m a huge fan of ‘the king of cool’ and of all movie car-chase scenes. I thought it would be great to mashup famous chases with their GPS tracks. Keep in mind some of the chases cut from one place to another…so I tried to be as accurate as possible.”


Check it out for yourself.

[Via BoingBoing]

Bullitt Mustang (2)

My buddy Cameron points to a recent Autoblog review of the 2008 Bullit Mustang which they were able to test.


It’s nice to see the video Autoblog made of this but I must say there’s something that I find more interesting. A recent post I did about the Bullitt Mustang sparked a little commentary from 2 Bullitt owners about their experience with the car. Amazing. Make sure you check out the comments of this post and see what ‘Ed Ross‘ and ‘Just me‘ think of their first days and weeks with the Bullitt. Thanks guys!

When I think of the passion we all share I still wonder if really was the best Ford could come up with.

Ford Performance

Coinciding with the 44th birthday of the Mustang, Ford launched a new web initiative called to reach out to and connect with Ford enthusiasts, albeit mainly focused on the performance cars. I think it’s fair to say I’m somewhat of a Ford enthusiast so that appealed to me.


It took me a while before I got time to check out this new site, but I did today and must say I was disappointed. It was nothing like I thought it would be, and probably could be. The site features the 3 main clubs such as the International Mustang Bullit Owners Club or the Mustang Club of America and also their events.

There’s a short section on the different Ford models that fit in this initiative, but no new insights unfortunately. Think about some of the backstory that could have featured here on how these cars came about, the people behind them etc… But no, nothing of that, just some specs on each car.

Then there’s a section on performance parts which just links of to and finally there’s the cool stuff section (which I check out first I must admit) which is more like a tiny little web shop to buy Mustang posters or a GT500 owners cerficate. How cool is that?

For cars such as the Mustang and the passion of their drivers and owners in general, this sites is nothing more than a portal to the 3 partner clubs and the online parts store. And if you’re a regular visitor of this site, and thus share some of the passion, I guess you understand just as much as I do that there is so much more they could have done to reach out to and connect with this community.

Bummer Ford. Back to the drawing board I would say and next time don’t just talk to the clubs, I bet they got what they wanted. Talk to owners and enthusiasts like myself, people who do the actual evangelism, whether they own one or not.

Winding Road

A friend (and fellow car enthusiast) sent me a link to an article in the online magazine Winding Road. The article was a review of the new Ford Mustang Bullitt, on sale now at your Ford dealer (in the US that is).


As a result I have to email him back ‘thanks but not thanks’. It’s a great article about a great car and now it just looks like I don’t only have to get myself the classic Bullitt Mustang, but also the new one. Like if my problems weren’t big enough already to get just one Mustang :)

The good part about it is that this free online Winding Road magazine is pretty nice and something other car enthusiast will definitely agree on. So if you hadn’t heard about it yet, take a look now.

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