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Maxximum Sound!


You probably don’t know but I used to be in charge of all digital marketing of a cinema group called Kinepolis. They own part of another group in Germany that is called Cinemaxx. To cut a long story short, that’s why I have a kind of dual interest in the video below. First of all it features a Mustang with a nice sound and secondly the spot is created by that same Cinemaxx I just mentioned to promote a new sound experience in their theatres:

“Introducing a new sound system by Meyer Sound to their 30 movie theaters, CinemaxX commissioned the specialists from Schönheitsfarm, Acrobat and White Horse Music to create a spot all the way from concept to execution that makes full use of the new “MAXXIMUM SOUND” experience.
To visualize the crystal clear and highly differentiated sound we turned to a technique very popular in film making and translated it into the acoustic world:
Creating high speed shots to experience high speed sound. Through the use of slow motion we were able to break down complex noises into the various parts they are composed of. Take rain for example: What appears to us as just white noise is actually the sum of thousands of raindrops hitting a multitude of objects and surfaces.”

Enjoy! And turn up the sound.


When a car configurator becomes a stage

Awesome. Normally I don’t tend to write much about Mustangs that aren’t like 40 years old but this is one of these exceptions. It’s when the Mustang enthusiast as well as the Marketer in me get excited that I make that kind of exception on this blog. And that’s exactly what Ford did with their new customizer for the 2012 Ford Mustang.

First of all it is by far the best car configurator that I’ve seen, the battle mode makes it even more interesting. And yes I realize it’s not really a car configurator in the typical sense of the word, you cannot change some options you would normally want to change in a configurator like that (interior, options, …) but I don’t really mind. It’s exactly those things that make me walk away from those tools in the first place. In this case I get to play with the different models – quite literally – and from that point go to the ‘build & price’ options, the more boring stuff, albeit not unimportant of course.


And what a stunning quality as well. The image you see above is my first custom Mustang, my color, my everything… don’t you think that is looking really good? Looks pretty real to me.

And then there’s the staging area. Once you’ve built a custom Mustang (or more than one) you can challenge other fans & friends in one-to-one battles.


And maybe bring you some inspiration. Nice work Ford! I’m gonna build me some more truly awesome ‘Stangs. Challenge me, you know where to find me ;)

Marketing the Mustang: An American Icon

Apparently there’s a documentary titled "Marketing the Mustang: An American Icon." on the Mad Men Season 4 DVDbox-set extras. It tells how Ford executive Lee Iacocca persuaded a very reluctant Henry Ford to build the Mustang by citing research his agency guys gave him about the target demo (newly affluent boomers), and lays out the groundbreaking marketing of what would become an instant automotive classic.

Among the revelations in the doc: A lot of the Ford Mustang’s initial marketing was directed at women — the focus of the clip below. There are also a whole bunch of print ads shown in the this 2 min clip but if you’re a regular reader of this blog you have seen most of them already ;)


Thanks for the heads up Steven.

[Via Steven / AdAge]

New AdClassix week coming up

Collected some nice classic Mustang ads again so will be posting them all during next week – AdClassix week starting Monday – similar to what I did last October for those who remember.

64mustangAD   FirstAdClassix

All ads I ever posted on this blog can also be found on this page which is dedicated to classic Mustang ads.

Designed to go like it looks?

I love these classic Mustang ads… I’m sure you’ve figured out that much with all the AdClassix posts I’ve made so far. The copy on these ads never stop to amaze me though, advertising sure has changed over time:

“Carroll Shelby designed his Cobra GT to go like it looks”


‘65 Red Mustang- Needs love

I don’t normally post or link to classifieds for Mustangs on this blog, nor will that change in the future. But this one on Craigslist caught my attention because the way it was advertised. So just spreading the love here, Colorado Springs unfortunately is a bit far for me ;)

“I am an oxidized red 289 V8 coupe with black and cream interior. I was my owners primary vehicle for 8 years, I’m ugly, but run well. Better than being gorgeous and broken down. New carb and rear tires, will be a perfect vehicle for someone with a desire to work on me. Interior needs re-upholstered. Yes, I have rust, yes the quarter panels need replaced. Classic mustang parts are some of the cheapest to buy. As with older classics, you can put in 3 or 4K and sell for a good profit. (I actually saw one go for 68K on a Barrett Jackson Auction) No clue on the mileage. THIS IS A GREAT FIXER UPPER DEAL. It can be driven away, but probably not completely reliable, since it has been sitting parked for 5 years. Classic Mustangs DO NOT lose value like all other cars, they actually gain value. Therefore, no foolish offers even considered.”

So if you have some $1995 to spare and quite a bit of free time…

craigslist1  craigslist2

The Ford Collection

During a phone conversation with Scott Monty a few days ago, Scott talked about the website, a site that sells … well Ford ‘stuff’. Scott is head of social media at Ford Motor Company and since we’re in the same business (although totally different regions and products) and we share some of the same Mustang passion (with the difference that I think he drives one and I definitely don’t) we had some extra good reasons to catch up.


Anyway – I was looking between the Mustang related items in the store and noticed this tin sign, which I had seen at classic car shows in the past as well. Only the price ($12) is much lower than what I have seen so far. Luckily I didn’t order right away because a few days later I came across the that sold the same sign for $10.88 and had information about international shipments (something I couldn’’t find at

I will try to order something at both online shops and will let you know which comes out best (at least for international). One thing is clear from the start – if you want choice, is the best option.

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