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When a car configurator becomes a stage

Awesome. Normally I don’t tend to write much about Mustangs that aren’t like 40 years old but this is one of these exceptions. It’s when the Mustang enthusiast as well as the Marketer in me get excited that I make that kind of exception on this blog. And that’s exactly what Ford did with their new customizer for the 2012 Ford Mustang.

First of all it is by far the best car configurator that I’ve seen, the battle mode makes it even more interesting. And yes I realize it’s not really a car configurator in the typical sense of the word, you cannot change some options you would normally want to change in a configurator like that (interior, options, …) but I don’t really mind. It’s exactly those things that make me walk away from those tools in the first place. In this case I get to play with the different models – quite literally – and from that point go to the ‘build & price’ options, the more boring stuff, albeit not unimportant of course.


And what a stunning quality as well. The image you see above is my first custom Mustang, my color, my everything… don’t you think that is looking really good? Looks pretty real to me.

And then there’s the staging area. Once you’ve built a custom Mustang (or more than one) you can challenge other fans & friends in one-to-one battles.


And maybe bring you some inspiration. Nice work Ford! I’m gonna build me some more truly awesome ‘Stangs. Challenge me, you know where to find me ;)


IbM on Facebook

And no not the IBM of course, this IbM stands for I blog Mustang ;) It all started with this blog, then I added a Twitter account to it and also a Group on Flickr. It really only was a matter of time (and mostly about finding the time to do it) before I would create this Facebook page. Well now it’s done so if you like this blog I invite you to take a look.


Happy holidays y’all!

Augmented Mustang reality

Remember the when I wrote about this Flash website, that allowed you to drive around with a 3D mustang on the site. That was nice but what this developer has done now is way beyond nice, it’s just totally cool. I already said on my other Twitter account recently that ‘Augmented Reality is the new black’ with several applications showing up online, advertisers taking smart advantage of the technology such as you can see here.

Today my buddy Steven sent me some other cool application… because it was Mustang related. It’s one of the many AR examples I’ve seen lately but must say I find it one of the coolest (yeah even if it wouldn’t have been with a Mustang). It’s much more dynamic that most cases where it just shows a static 3D object. Just like the creator notes:

“In most of the cool AR projects I have seen so far [1] [2] the user is supposed to hold the marker and move it around in front of the camera and the 3d object follows the marker. I had a slightly different idea: why not just leave the marker and the camera in one place and use your keyboard to move around the 3d objects?”

Check it out this video!


Read all about this cool project here.

StangNet Top 100 [No More]

The StangNet topsites feature is no more. Today if you click on the StangNet button in right navigation (keeping the button online for another week, then it will be gone forever) you will get a 404 – page does not exist as a result. [Thanks to all for letting me know by the way].

And okay, people change priorities and so do companies so that StangNet decided not to keep this feature is their call obviously. What bothers me about all this is the fact that they didn’t think they needed to communicate on this. What happens basically is that they didn’t think it was necessary to communicate to exactly the community that supported this for years. All you get (after a bit of playing with the url’s) is this:


The least they could do is send all of us a little email don’t you think? Anyway, I think it’s sad they’ve given up on this and especially the way they’ve done so.

Any suggestions for other Mustang topsite lists? Let me know.

Mustang of the week #9

Back in Europe this week for the series – Oslo (Norway) to be exact, with Arnfinn Hushovd’s answers on my 5 questions.

1. Which of your own photos in the Flickr group you like most?

This is the Mustang picture I am most happy with. This profile of the mustang makes it look its best. Also the depth of field, the light and the memory of a perfect summers day, and my old Mustang.

I really miss the summer

2. Is there a particular story around one of your Mustang photos that you would like to share? Something that happened when you took it? Or something related to the response you got on the photo so far?

The day I got to drive at an air strip. -I knew about a old airport in Froland, the southern part of Norway, and that it was now owed by a airplane model club. We cold not drive on it. My brother and I took our chances and there we met one man who gave us permission as long as we did not interfere with his model helicopter. We had a great time burning rubber from one end of the runway to the other in the burning summer heat until the radiator was boiling hot.

Filming at Gullknapp air field

Great memories! We also filmed that day, and if you are interested you can se the resolute here.

3. Do you own a Mustang yourself? Which model? And would you like to have one if that’s not the case yet?

Yes I own a 1969 Sport Roof v4 302 and loving it! Tough now the car is in winter hibernation because of all the salt in the streets and the 50cm(19inch) of snow… I will have to way until April to drive it again. I have many plans for it, first big thing is to get it painted black or dark gray. I want to tone it down a bit. The car is screaming in that orange color!

My Mustang

4. Do you have a specific love for photographing Mustangs? Or is a coincidence? Or a passion for cars in general?

Its a new found interest for me to take photos of cars. Old American cars preferably but most of all my own Mustang. I never get tiered of taking photos of it and hopefully someday I will also shoot some video of it.

5. Which one of the other photos (in the Flickr group) are you jealous of as a photographer?

Its a great photo. High contrast, a small tilt and little color. Also the blurry background looks great. This kinda style I want to try to do more of.

Smooth back

Note: this is the second time we get this one selected, time to get Steve Kay on the series don’t you think? ;)

Thanks for sharing this with us Arnfinn, here’s my favorite out of your collection… great title too: “Beast in the dark”.

Beast in the dark.

2 years of Mustang blogging


I’m happy to say that this blog celebrates its 2nd anniversary today and I think that is kinda cool. Not just because of the blogging (my other blog is +3 years old) but for how this blog in particular turned out to be. Here’s why:


This blog (more then my 1st one) shows that when you’re really passionate about something you can get recognition for that worldwide thanks to today’s technology. How else can someone like me who knows nothing about cars get into the top 10 most visited Mustang community sites worldwide. I think that’s just great.


The sense of community you get surfing through ‘all things Mustang’ is really fantastic, and that gets reflected on the blog as well. Take this ‘Bullitt Mustang’ post for instance, where 4 or 5 owners of the 2008 Bullitt commented of their experience with the car. Or look at what’s happening with the Flickr group I created for I Blog Mustang, conversations start happening and people clearly enjoy the set of photos collected in this group. Or how I early on got in touch with Cameron in Australia who’s working on his own restoration project… all very cool.


Man, I only realized not that long ago how huge the Mustang’s history really is. Reading about it online, searching for information, stumbling upon amazing stories got me to discover all kinds of interesting facts about this car… seriously more than I could ever have imagined. I learned about the early Mustang development, first owners, classic advertising, concept cars that were never put in production, … too much to sum up right here. Check out all posts tagged history to learn more.


It all started because I thought I had this sort of funny idea to blog about a quest to get my hands on my own Mustang one day. Although I didn’t really think I would actually get one this way, I noticed people making money using the internet so it would at least make for good stories. Of course I realized I had to fill it up with more random posts about the Mustang to make sure there would be enough content overall. Today I’ve published about 130 post… of which only 21 relate to ‘the quest’ :)


Every time I searched the web for good content I figured I would have blogged about pretty much everything there is to say, and yet every time again I find new things to talk about. Also now I have a few things lined up so whether I will make it for a full 3rd year remains to be seen but it sure ain’t over just yet!

Thank you all very very much for reading this blog and commenting. I enjoyed it very much to date and that will only get even better over time. Thanks a lot!

Your host – Kris.

PS: No I still don’t have my own Mustang but I’m 100% sure that’s only a matter of time ;)

Mustang of the week #7

Yes I know, I missed last week. I didn’t have any post lined up in advance and the holidays called for no blogging activity so there you go. We are back in full swing though this week and our guest this time is Tony Starr from Melbourne (Australia) – where all the best Mustangs are as Tony puts it :)

1. Which of your own photos in the Flickr group you like most?

Tough question. Probably my favorite Mustang photograph, isn’t in the group. What is there of mine, I probably like the film shot, with my reflection in a ’66 side mirror.

2. Is there a particular story around one of your Mustang photos that you would like to share? Something that happened when you took it? Or something related to the response you got on the photo so far?

I guess one of the more interesting photographs, is the one of my old girlfriend wearing her mustang belt buckle at a mustang round-up. I pulled her across in front of one of the cars and shot her standing there, with the belt bucket and mustang coral side-by-side.

3. Do you own a Mustang yourself? Which model? And would you like to have one if that’s not the case yet?

For a while there, I was looking at buying one. I’ve always loved the shape of the original coupe and fastback. I’d love to own a 69 or 70 mach 1. maybe one day. I already have two classic cars, taking up my time and money!

4. Do you have a specific love for photographing Mustangs? Or is a coincidence? Or a passion for cars in general?

I’ve always photographed cars. I guess it comes pretty natural to photograph the things you love, when you pick up a camera. I love most cars from the 60s and 70s. it was such a golden era in automotive history. and there’s nothing better than seeing a restored or (even better) an immaculate original car from that era being driven.

5. Which one of the other photos (in the Flickr group) are you jealous of as a photographer?

Anything by evvvvs, of course. His wide-angle style are pretty wicked.

Glowing 66

Thanks for sharing Tony! My favorite within your Flickr set must be this one, awesome shot…

… although I like this one a lot as well. And where did you find the buckle? :)

More goodness next week. I will have to chase some people on getting the answers in though…

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