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Goodwood Festival of Speed (2011)

Earlies this summer I went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed (UK) for the first time in my life, and man was that a great event. Going back next year, I know that much.

It’s difficult to describe what the event really is, because it’s a lot of things at the same time. But that’s also not very important, the only thing you need to know it’s 4 days of classic & sports car galore like you have never seen before. And give it to Lord March, the Festival of Speed is also one of the best organized events of that size I have ever been to.

Mustang twins: Bullitt & P-51

There weren’t many Mustangs at the event, apart from the “Bullitt” and P-51 you see above, but if you’re into cars you will like what I saw there. Here’s the link to my Flickr set, giving you a bit of an idea of the overall event.


#22: 1969 Mustang. Homemade. From paper!


How awesome is this?! This Brooklyn artist is making an entire 1969 Mustang from scratch… from paper:

In his latest work One Piece at a Time, Brooklyn artist Jonathan Brand has constructed every single part of a 1969 Mustang coupe at 1:1 scale out of nothing but paper. Using digital drawings as a source, he printed the blueprints with a large-format inkjet printer. The components were then meticulously cut out and folded into a wide range of objects including spark plugs, nuts and bolts, a radiator, and even the individual tire treads. The final work will not be assembled into an entire vehicle, but rather displayed as loose miniature sculptures.

Thinking back about the reason that I initially started this blog, this is a good one for the series of posts I wrote about ‘the quest’. Not sure if I have the patience for this though. But just look at this stuff, how cool is that, seriously. I gotta go see this!



More pictures and video (!) at This is Colossal, go check it out.

[Source: Colossal // Hat tip to Clo]

1st Production Shelby

Two more weeks before the Barret-Jackson Scottsdale Auction is on. Barret-Jackson is famous for organizing ‘the world’s greatest collector car auctions’ (like they claim themselves) but I’m sure you Mustang lovers knew that already. And as usual there are some unique Mustangs on auction amongst this edition, one of which is the first production 1966 Shelby built.


“This car, #SFM6S002 is the very first ’66 production Shelby. It is the first of the 252 extremely desirable Shelby "carryover" cars built. #SFM6S001, the first serial numbered ’66 Shelby, was slated to be a ’65 Shelby. That car was modified as the prototype for production 1966 Shelby’s and today retains its prototype status. #SFM6S002 has just received an incredibly complete ground-up restoration in its original Wimbledon White color with Guardsman Blue LeMans stripes. The black interior with original rear seat delete package shelf is just as it was originally built and delivered by Shelby on October 19, 1965. Shortly after the second owner acquired the car, it was extensively raced in the Mid West including Road America, Black Hawk Farms, Grattan, Mid Ohio, Road Atlanta and Watkins Glen. After being acquired from its second owner, the restoration was performed by Cobra Automotive of Wallingford, Connecticut. It is powered by a correct and fully rebuilt 289 Hi-Po, 306hp V8 and proper T-10M Aluminum 4-speed transmission. No expense was spared in the restoration back to its original state with many NOS and original date-coded parts. It is equipped with a Holley 715 CFM carburetor, 3.89 Detroit Locker rear, original dash mounted tachometer, radio delete, wood grain steering wheel, Shelby Cragar 15" wheels and Goodyear blue dot tires. These early production "carryover" cars combined the best of both the ’65 and ’66 Shelby’s. They retain the hardcore ’65 performance features with the distinctive ’66 Shelby visual features added to set them apart from regular production Mustangs. This Shelby is listed in the Shelby American World Registry and comes with its original Shelby owner’s manual, Hi-Po supplement, SAAC club documentation and more. Its number one production status and its racing pedigree make this a historically significant Shelby.”

So, got a few bucks to spare? Here is where you can spend it ;)

[Via Mustangs]

Mustang atop of Empire State Building

Just like Jalopnik mentioned, it was pretty amazing to see Porsche put its Panamera on the 94th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center. Only to find out that Ford did something similar 44 years earlier…


Stunning view don’t you think? It wasn’t too easy to get it up there and no, it wasn’t by using a helicopter or anything:

“In October 1965, with the Ford Mustang the hottest-selling car in America, the general manager of the Empire State Building had a great idea – to display a Ford Mustang on the 86th floor observation deck of the iconic Manhattan landmark.

Officials at Ford agreed and dispatched a crew to take was careful measurements of the skyscraper’s doors, hallways and elevators. They determined that a white convertible Mustang could be disassembled into four main sections and transported – along with many smaller pieces – up to the building’s 86th floor in elevators to be reassembled.”

Dixit Leslie Armbruster, Senior Collections Archivist at Ford Motor Company… now there’s a person I would like to get to know ;)


I love stories like this. Send me some more Leslie!

[Via Jalopnik]

Classic Car Ghent ‘09

I went to the Classic Car Expo in Ghent this weekend, just like last year. And I was lucky as there were quite a few Mustangs this year, definitely more than last year. Hopefully that trend will continue as next week the Antwerp Oldtimer Expo is on so going to check it out there as well. Here are some of the photos I took in Gent:

The real deal


And here are those of last year in Ghent, and last year in Antwerp.

‘64 New York World Fair


I’ve already blogged about the Mustang history a couple of times, with the mention of the Mustang launch at the 1964 New York World Fair, but never had the photos I wanted to go with that… I do now. Here’s a photo of the Ford pavilion (courtesy of Mustang Source and copyright by Bill Cotter).


“A white convertible and a black hardtop are presented together with the other 1964 Ford/Lincoln vehicles. You could also take a "ride" in the "Magic Skyway", Walt Disney’s adventure through time and space. Sponsored by Ford, so you could get lucky and sit in a mustang during the tour!”

More photos right here. Thanks to the Belgian Mustang Drivers.

Mustang of the week #6

Wow! Already the sixth week in this ‘Mustang of the week’ series, don’t you like the beauty in these photos? I know I do. This week our guest is Jan R. from Hamburg (Germany). I know who to call for a ride in a couple of months when I’ll be in Hamburg for Next09 :)

1. Which of your own photos in the Flickr group you like most?

Nordic Pony Cars 00819

2. Is there a particular story around one of your Mustang photos that you would like to share? Something that happened when you took it? Or something related to the response you got on the photo so far?

Well, all of these winter photos. It wasn’t winter at all. Just hoarfrost for 3-4 hours in the morning. And some haze. 3 hours later all the magic was gone and it was a rainy day. Lucky us, being out there at the right time in the right place.

3. Do you own a Mustang yourself? Which model? And would you like to have one if that’s not the case yet?

Yes, the 1968 Coupé, Sprint Promotion B, you can see more photos here.

4. Do you have a specific love for photographing Mustangs? Or is a coincidence? Or a passion for cars in general?

A passion for cars in general, and for my car especially ;-)

5. Which one of the other photos (in the Flickr group) are you jealous of as a photographer?

Ensaio Mustang - Capa Maxi Tuning - jan/07

Good selection again. I really like Jan’s ‘winter’ series but also these night shots are pretty interesting, here’s one of those I like most. Don’t forget to check out all of Jan’s great Mustang photos in the Flickr group.

Blue Light

More goodness next week.

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