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Goodwood Festival of Speed (2011)

Earlies this summer I went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed (UK) for the first time in my life, and man was that a great event. Going back next year, I know that much.

It’s difficult to describe what the event really is, because it’s a lot of things at the same time. But that’s also not very important, the only thing you need to know it’s 4 days of classic & sports car galore like you have never seen before. And give it to Lord March, the Festival of Speed is also one of the best organized events of that size I have ever been to.

Mustang twins: Bullitt & P-51

There weren’t many Mustangs at the event, apart from the “Bullitt” and P-51 you see above, but if you’re into cars you will like what I saw there. Here’s the link to my Flickr set, giving you a bit of an idea of the overall event.


Remember #3? It works…

… just not for me. It works for Red Bull Racing. They started a promotion to raise money for charity on the last F1 Grand Prix.

“Basically the idea was to apply the million pixel page concept to a racing car – and instead of corporate logos real race fans could have their face on a Formula 1 car – in return for a donation to charity. You can see the idea here.”


Red Bull raised up to $500k through this promotion which is not bad. But just like Simon mentioned on his blog, it could have been better, it’s not like the idea was marketed very good. Isn’t it funny that as F1 addict, I only heard about this via a marketing blog that I read instead of via one of the many F1 sources? I think it is.

It is great though to see that the idea popped up in one of Simon’s Big Picture brainstorms long time ago. Seems like times have changed.

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