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Mustang coming to Europe! That’s all folks!


Finally all the efforts that went in to this blog paid off! Ford will be exporting the new Mustang to Europe. That must be a first. When I read about this it seemed like a good time to make one more (and final) post to this blog. Of course it didn’t have much influence in Ford’s decision as you might have guessed but it’s a good news item to close this website.

I stopped writing here about a year ago, it was a partially because a lack of time but also because I didn’t find that much relevant topics anymore to post on this blog. It was always about gathering fun & exciting things about the classic Mustang (mainly pre-70s) and it seemed like I had seen and found it all. Classic ads, variations of models, toys, … they’re all here and I suppose it might be an interesting ressource for Mustang fans for the years to come since I won’t close it down after this post.

I’m still a sucker for the classic Mustang and still looking for the one I want. Although I do enjoy driving my ‘72 Triumph Spitfire a lot as well. Part of my passion for old cars has translated in creating a company called Shutterspeed, where we create photostories for people and their classic and/or sports cars. Go check it out – latest photo’s include Goodwood Festival of Speed, 24 Hours of Francorchamps, Maserati Ghibli, 2012 Audi S8, … and much more! Our site is in Dutch but the Facebook page is in English, check it out.



To the readers of this blog – Thanks for reading, sharing & commenting. I had good fun gathering all the information that ended up on this blog, so did you I hope! You can still find the best selection of Ford Mustang photo’s on my Flickr group and Pinterest board.

To Ford – Yes I’m willing to review the new Mustang for you once it arrives in Europe ;-)

To advertisers (that have been emailing me for the last 5 year) – I’ve always kept this blog ad-free since it wasn’t the purpose of the project. The motivation of this blog should have inspired for better ideas then just ads. Anyway, you can always do me an offer that I can´t refuse of course to keep this domain alive.


Awesome 2012 Retro Mustang GT

Here’s yet another reason why you should go to SEMA this year. It’s a bit too far away for myself to visit the event, but I would at least want to see this Mustang up close.

John Heermann – 23 years old – created this ‘68 styled Mustang GT from a new 2012 Mustang. And it looks just great. Ford should take a look at this and let this Mustang inspire them for their new yet to be designed Mustang model. Seriously!



Here’s how he did it:

“The Retro Stang features ‘68 and ‘69 Mustang sheetmetal hand grafted into the nose, tail and rear quarter panels of the 2012 Mustang GT body.  The hood has been lengthened 14-inches and the rocker panels custom made.The headlight doors and rear fender caps were hand built from scratch by Heermann.  Another feature you might notice is the raised back glass to give it the angle for the fastback look.”

Awesome John!

[Via Mustang Heaven]

Shelby pool table

Remember the Mustang pool table? Well now there’s more of the same, but better. The Shelby version of that pool table, signed by Mr. Carroll Shelby himself. There are still about a dozen or so available, going from $12,000 to $30,000 in case you’re interested.

Me? I’d buy a real Mustang with that kind of money.

When a car configurator becomes a stage

Awesome. Normally I don’t tend to write much about Mustangs that aren’t like 40 years old but this is one of these exceptions. It’s when the Mustang enthusiast as well as the Marketer in me get excited that I make that kind of exception on this blog. And that’s exactly what Ford did with their new customizer for the 2012 Ford Mustang.

First of all it is by far the best car configurator that I’ve seen, the battle mode makes it even more interesting. And yes I realize it’s not really a car configurator in the typical sense of the word, you cannot change some options you would normally want to change in a configurator like that (interior, options, …) but I don’t really mind. It’s exactly those things that make me walk away from those tools in the first place. In this case I get to play with the different models – quite literally – and from that point go to the ‘build & price’ options, the more boring stuff, albeit not unimportant of course.


And what a stunning quality as well. The image you see above is my first custom Mustang, my color, my everything… don’t you think that is looking really good? Looks pretty real to me.

And then there’s the staging area. Once you’ve built a custom Mustang (or more than one) you can challenge other fans & friends in one-to-one battles.


And maybe bring you some inspiration. Nice work Ford! I’m gonna build me some more truly awesome ‘Stangs. Challenge me, you know where to find me ;)

#22: 1969 Mustang. Homemade. From paper!


How awesome is this?! This Brooklyn artist is making an entire 1969 Mustang from scratch… from paper:

In his latest work One Piece at a Time, Brooklyn artist Jonathan Brand has constructed every single part of a 1969 Mustang coupe at 1:1 scale out of nothing but paper. Using digital drawings as a source, he printed the blueprints with a large-format inkjet printer. The components were then meticulously cut out and folded into a wide range of objects including spark plugs, nuts and bolts, a radiator, and even the individual tire treads. The final work will not be assembled into an entire vehicle, but rather displayed as loose miniature sculptures.

Thinking back about the reason that I initially started this blog, this is a good one for the series of posts I wrote about ‘the quest’. Not sure if I have the patience for this though. But just look at this stuff, how cool is that, seriously. I gotta go see this!



More pictures and video (!) at This is Colossal, go check it out.

[Source: Colossal // Hat tip to Clo]

Brent Mustangburger


Meet Brent Mustangburger (voiced by Brent Musburger), a new character for the sequel to the Disney Pixar hit, CARS. CARS brings some style with a 1964½ Mustang that plays an well known sports broadcaster.

Brent Mustangburger is an American sports broadcasting icon. With the self-proclaimed “best stall in the garage,” the excitable 1964½ Ford Mustang is widely considered one of the most recognizable voices in the history of automobile sports television and associated with some of the most memorable moments in modern sports.

Looks like I will have to join my kids to the movies once more this summer ;)

[Via Mustang Evolution]


I never really understood what’s so cool about glue-ing stuff all over your car, especially not when that car is a classic Mustang but hey, who am I. Enjoy.


[Via Jalopnik]

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