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Designed to go like it looks?

I love these classic Mustang ads… I’m sure you’ve figured out that much with all the AdClassix posts I’ve made so far. The copy on these ads never stop to amaze me though, advertising sure has changed over time:

“Carroll Shelby designed his Cobra GT to go like it looks”



Mustang forest!

So you’re scanning through your RSS reader as usual and then you read this: [Secret Garden] Massive Secret Junkyard found in Rhode Island Forest. Worth investigating don’t you think?

“Imagine a secret junkyard frozen in time somewhere around the 70’s with every bit of vintage hardware stretching for hundreds of acres. Classic Mustangs, Camaros, Cadillacs, Hemis; you name it, it’s here. But not for long: The law man’s saying to crush ’em. Massive mega-gallery below along with the location and what you can do to save them.”

Look at a selection of photos to get a taste of what is in the ‘Mustang forest’:





Seriously, this beats about everything I’ve written about on this blog. Here is what the guy who took all the photos (a ton of them) had to say about this:

“Thousands of these classics will go to waste. Here is mostly mustang pictures I took . There us Hundreds of 64-71 Mutangs. Boss, mach 1, many many convertibles, K codes, fastbacks.. Maybe Shelbys? The owner is crazy. He’s always drunk is very hard to deal with. He’s in another world. He said he personally DROVE nearly all the cars in a field in the 60’s-70 and left them there for dead. Many are rusted beyond repair. But there still many parts cars. It will take about two weeks of walking 5 hours a day to see all the cars here. Plus many of them are so buried in overgrown trees and prickers there is no way to see them. I seen a dozen complete 392 hemi cars. This guy refuses to advertise, so nobody knows about it. Believe it or not the guy is still buying cars and driving them in the woods. The last time i was there the owner bought a running 60’s mustang and drove it in the woods to be left for dead.”

Want to save a Mustang… and a forest at the same time? Here’s where you need to go. I looked it up on Live Maps and this is what it looks like from above:


Unbelievable! I have no other words for it.

Mustang of the week #1

I’ve been adding favorites on Flickr every time I stumbled upon some of the most beautiful Mustang photos out there. That made me think of a new series, to posting one of these great shots every Friday, here’s number one. Feel free to send me a link to your magnificent Mustang photo, it might end up here one Friday. Email mustangblog [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Mustang Fastback

Original to be found here, photo taken by DagsDownunder

Most popular Mustangs ever?

Mustang Monthly picks the most popular Mustangs ever based on what they’ve seen and heard from their readers. Not a very scientific way to do this but given their Mustang knowledge it’s definitely worth checking out.

5. 1969 Mach 1

I have no idea what these 2 eighties models (7 and 8) are doing in the list, those are models we are all trying to forget no? And I sure don’t know what the ‘93 Mustang Cobra is doing at number 3?! But then again, I sort of gave up in the early seventies and only happily look at the Mustang again since they re-launched the model in 2005. And I think the ‘67 Mustang GT 390 deserves better than number 6 etc etc…

Anyway, take a look for yourself (part 1 / part 2) and let me know in the comments about your personal Mustang top 3 or top 5. Maybe we can do our own list someday.

The noise. Fantastic!

A couple of months ago I wanted to share a video with you where Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear) drives a classic 1968 Ford Mustang GT390 but unfortunately the video was removed before I could do so. Since then I’ve been searching for it on all search engines and all major online video sites but without any result. Today, while testing out the new Live Search to see if it had indeed improved (disclaimer: I work for Windows Live) … I found it! So finally, after many months of waiting here’s a brilliant piece of Top Gear all Mustang lovers will definitely enjoy:

“Here we go…. that’s the noise! You can cruise in this car and you can go fast in a straight line… and that’s it. (hehehe) Don’t get me wrong though, this is brilliant!” – Jeremy Clarkson

Skip through the first part of you don’t want to wait for this classic bit, which starts somewhere halfway through the video.

Note: this is probably already the 4th or 5th time I have to search again for this clip as Youtube keeps deleting it

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