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2 years of Mustang blogging


I’m happy to say that this blog celebrates its 2nd anniversary today and I think that is kinda cool. Not just because of the blogging (my other blog is +3 years old) but for how this blog in particular turned out to be. Here’s why:


This blog (more then my 1st one) shows that when you’re really passionate about something you can get recognition for that worldwide thanks to today’s technology. How else can someone like me who knows nothing about cars get into the top 10 most visited Mustang community sites worldwide. I think that’s just great.


The sense of community you get surfing through ‘all things Mustang’ is really fantastic, and that gets reflected on the blog as well. Take this ‘Bullitt Mustang’ post for instance, where 4 or 5 owners of the 2008 Bullitt commented of their experience with the car. Or look at what’s happening with the Flickr group I created for I Blog Mustang, conversations start happening and people clearly enjoy the set of photos collected in this group. Or how I early on got in touch with Cameron in Australia who’s working on his own restoration project… all very cool.


Man, I only realized not that long ago how huge the Mustang’s history really is. Reading about it online, searching for information, stumbling upon amazing stories got me to discover all kinds of interesting facts about this car… seriously more than I could ever have imagined. I learned about the early Mustang development, first owners, classic advertising, concept cars that were never put in production, … too much to sum up right here. Check out all posts tagged history to learn more.


It all started because I thought I had this sort of funny idea to blog about a quest to get my hands on my own Mustang one day. Although I didn’t really think I would actually get one this way, I noticed people making money using the internet so it would at least make for good stories. Of course I realized I had to fill it up with more random posts about the Mustang to make sure there would be enough content overall. Today I’ve published about 130 post… of which only 21 relate to ‘the quest’ :)


Every time I searched the web for good content I figured I would have blogged about pretty much everything there is to say, and yet every time again I find new things to talk about. Also now I have a few things lined up so whether I will make it for a full 3rd year remains to be seen but it sure ain’t over just yet!

Thank you all very very much for reading this blog and commenting. I enjoyed it very much to date and that will only get even better over time. Thanks a lot!

Your host – Kris.

PS: No I still don’t have my own Mustang but I’m 100% sure that’s only a matter of time ;)


Top 10 of 2008: best posts of the year

Since I liked Cameron’s idea of putting together a top 10 of the most viewed blogposts, I decided to do the same here. Here’s the list:

  1. GT 50%
  2. Mustang for the cause
  3. Ford Mustang Trike
  4. Mustang is the new KITT
  5. The Giugiaro concept, nah.
  6. Junkyard jewels
  7. Mustank?!
  8. Yummie!
  9. Why 1965?
  10. Great 3D Mustang art

It’s worth noting that the number one most visited post won this little competition by far is it had more than double the amount of pageviews compared to the second post on the list. It also looks like posts such as number 1 or 3 generate the most heated conversations – people who love it, others that hate it.

In about a month this blog will be 2 years old, I’ll write something about my personal favorites when that moment has arrived.

Finest Mustang photos

As you might have noticed I started a new series last week called: Mustang of the week. This series is set up to highlight the most gorgeous Mustang photos on Flickr. I already had some favorites ready for posting but since I need one per week I decided to search for more… preparation right ;) Result? I found at least enough photos for the next 2 years, so I set up a Flickr group for these photos inviting everyone in that I found.


So here’s your choice. Check out the Mustang of the week post every Friday, check out the Flickr group… or do both :) Some really great photos in there, seriously! And if you have a photo you think fits well in here, let me know. I must admit I am quite picky though.

The Ford Collection

During a phone conversation with Scott Monty a few days ago, Scott talked about the website, a site that sells … well Ford ‘stuff’. Scott is head of social media at Ford Motor Company and since we’re in the same business (although totally different regions and products) and we share some of the same Mustang passion (with the difference that I think he drives one and I definitely don’t) we had some extra good reasons to catch up.


Anyway – I was looking between the Mustang related items in the store and noticed this tin sign, which I had seen at classic car shows in the past as well. Only the price ($12) is much lower than what I have seen so far. Luckily I didn’t order right away because a few days later I came across the that sold the same sign for $10.88 and had information about international shipments (something I couldn’’t find at

I will try to order something at both online shops and will let you know which comes out best (at least for international). One thing is clear from the start – if you want choice, is the best option.

Mustang Blue

After my Mustang for Men (2) post something interesting happened, and quite frankly something I didn’t expect at all. In this post I wrote about the new Estee Lauder frangrance carrying the Mustang brand, and how I think it’s nice and all but also how I didn’t buy the sales pitch. So to be clear, I wasn’t very impressed.

That changed quickly though and I’ll tell you why. Not even 2 or 3 hours after I posted this, Tracy Royal from Estee left this comment. As a geek marketer that alone impressed me already quite a bit, still today only few brands engage in social media and Estee was definitely not amongst them (at least to what I had seen so far). Anyway, I sent Tracy an email with my address and a week later I received a delivery from Estee:

Estee2_adpt   Estee1

Now all of this is not very expensive for a company to do but nevertheless it still is very impressive. So what about the fragrance itself? It’s not bad actually. It ain’t extremely special but I don’t think it should be either, I’ll use it. And trust me, if it were shit I would have told you just the same you know, that’s the right I keep to myself on this blog.

So Tracy, you impressed me with your swift reply on my post and the Mustang Blue fragrance is pretty alright, allow me to make one suggestion to you though. I still don’t buy the marketing/PR piece you created, I think it’s too fabricated, it’s not real enough. “The Mustang fragrance had a tremendous reception from Mustang fans as well as others who appreciate the iconic American brand”… don’t say so, show me. And maybe some more pro-active outreach in the online Mustang communities would have been good as well. Anyway, your interaction with me was very real though, and that makes a lot of difference. Respect.

Ford Performance

Coinciding with the 44th birthday of the Mustang, Ford launched a new web initiative called to reach out to and connect with Ford enthusiasts, albeit mainly focused on the performance cars. I think it’s fair to say I’m somewhat of a Ford enthusiast so that appealed to me.


It took me a while before I got time to check out this new site, but I did today and must say I was disappointed. It was nothing like I thought it would be, and probably could be. The site features the 3 main clubs such as the International Mustang Bullit Owners Club or the Mustang Club of America and also their events.

There’s a short section on the different Ford models that fit in this initiative, but no new insights unfortunately. Think about some of the backstory that could have featured here on how these cars came about, the people behind them etc… But no, nothing of that, just some specs on each car.

Then there’s a section on performance parts which just links of to and finally there’s the cool stuff section (which I check out first I must admit) which is more like a tiny little web shop to buy Mustang posters or a GT500 owners cerficate. How cool is that?

For cars such as the Mustang and the passion of their drivers and owners in general, this sites is nothing more than a portal to the 3 partner clubs and the online parts store. And if you’re a regular visitor of this site, and thus share some of the passion, I guess you understand just as much as I do that there is so much more they could have done to reach out to and connect with this community.

Bummer Ford. Back to the drawing board I would say and next time don’t just talk to the clubs, I bet they got what they wanted. Talk to owners and enthusiasts like myself, people who do the actual evangelism, whether they own one or not.

#16: In da hood

They say that hanging out with the right people is always a good place to start to get what you want. Now since we all know that what I want is that good old vintage Mustang, I’ve decided to hang out in the Mustang neighborhood. I’m not sure if this is the right strategy in a hood like this, but we’ll see.

It was Marc Bresseel, a colleague of mine, who made me aware of the Ebay Neighborhoods project when he was talking about shopping and social navigation. It seems like the perfect integration indeed between selling a product and building a community around it. Now I probably won’t be that active as a member in this case, as buying one is not an option (as I told you long time ago). And I’m not going to be buying just some random parts to be part of the Neighborhood either :)


But as a Mustang fan, you still might want to check it out if you haven’t done so already. Mustang forums, reviews, images, … and of course auctions all on one page. Nice work from Ebay, check it out.


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