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Awesome 2012 Retro Mustang GT

Here’s yet another reason why you should go to SEMA this year. It’s a bit too far away for myself to visit the event, but I would at least want to see this Mustang up close.

John Heermann – 23 years old – created this ‘68 styled Mustang GT from a new 2012 Mustang. And it looks just great. Ford should take a look at this and let this Mustang inspire them for their new yet to be designed Mustang model. Seriously!



Here’s how he did it:

“The Retro Stang features ‘68 and ‘69 Mustang sheetmetal hand grafted into the nose, tail and rear quarter panels of the 2012 Mustang GT body.  The hood has been lengthened 14-inches and the rocker panels custom made.The headlight doors and rear fender caps were hand built from scratch by Heermann.  Another feature you might notice is the raised back glass to give it the angle for the fastback look.”

Awesome John!

[Via Mustang Heaven]


1st Production Shelby

Two more weeks before the Barret-Jackson Scottsdale Auction is on. Barret-Jackson is famous for organizing ‘the world’s greatest collector car auctions’ (like they claim themselves) but I’m sure you Mustang lovers knew that already. And as usual there are some unique Mustangs on auction amongst this edition, one of which is the first production 1966 Shelby built.


“This car, #SFM6S002 is the very first ’66 production Shelby. It is the first of the 252 extremely desirable Shelby "carryover" cars built. #SFM6S001, the first serial numbered ’66 Shelby, was slated to be a ’65 Shelby. That car was modified as the prototype for production 1966 Shelby’s and today retains its prototype status. #SFM6S002 has just received an incredibly complete ground-up restoration in its original Wimbledon White color with Guardsman Blue LeMans stripes. The black interior with original rear seat delete package shelf is just as it was originally built and delivered by Shelby on October 19, 1965. Shortly after the second owner acquired the car, it was extensively raced in the Mid West including Road America, Black Hawk Farms, Grattan, Mid Ohio, Road Atlanta and Watkins Glen. After being acquired from its second owner, the restoration was performed by Cobra Automotive of Wallingford, Connecticut. It is powered by a correct and fully rebuilt 289 Hi-Po, 306hp V8 and proper T-10M Aluminum 4-speed transmission. No expense was spared in the restoration back to its original state with many NOS and original date-coded parts. It is equipped with a Holley 715 CFM carburetor, 3.89 Detroit Locker rear, original dash mounted tachometer, radio delete, wood grain steering wheel, Shelby Cragar 15" wheels and Goodyear blue dot tires. These early production "carryover" cars combined the best of both the ’65 and ’66 Shelby’s. They retain the hardcore ’65 performance features with the distinctive ’66 Shelby visual features added to set them apart from regular production Mustangs. This Shelby is listed in the Shelby American World Registry and comes with its original Shelby owner’s manual, Hi-Po supplement, SAAC club documentation and more. Its number one production status and its racing pedigree make this a historically significant Shelby.”

So, got a few bucks to spare? Here is where you can spend it ;)

[Via Mustangs]

Not again…

The forest, the ranch, … it’s like I’m seeing abandoned Mustangs everywhere. Why don’t ever uncover a couple of these in my backyard? :)


This time they’re parked down in the Kentucky weeds, go check it out for yourself.

Mustang Ranch

After the Mustang Forest… we got the Mustang Ranch, and it can be yours for $700.000 (well if it ain’t sold already that is).


It’s a shame to see such a collection of fine cars rot away, anyway here’s the story on how it was discovered by a reader of Jalopnik:

“I have just returned from a vacation somewhere tropical. On the way back form a day excursion I chose an alternate way back to the highway. Ok, I made wrong turn somewhere and rolled with it. This "scenic route" brought us upon what was recorded by these images. It was my wife who first saw them. "Oh look, Mustangs!" I turned my head in time to see a metric shitload of vintage ponies. I immediately turned around and pulled into the driveway. There was a gentleman in the yard who turned out to be the caretaker for the owner of the house/treasure trove. It turns out that the guy who collected all these cars recently succumbed to cancer and his wife wants all these pretty ponies sold en masse for what is by local standards the princely sum of $700 large (I think there plenty of room for negotiation here).”

More images on Jalopnik.

$5.5 Million Ford Mustang?


Is this Mustang actually worth $5.5 Million? Apparently it is and the reason for all that is that it would be the first ever built Mustang.

“It’s a 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Convertible which should cost the new owner, $5.5 million which include a letter from William Clay Ford, full ownership history and of course the original registration plates. As you can see the Convertible Mustang looks extremely well, and that is because it was restored in 1983.”

According to Racing Daily this Mustang hasn’t just been discovered, as their seems to be quite some documentation about it already:

“Mustang 212 is not a mystery vehicle that has just been discovered. This Convertible is well known in Mustang circles, chronicled in Mustang publications, and entered in Mustang Registries. It was also displayed at the Towe Museum in San Diego, CA for a period of over ten years. It was loaned to Henry Clay Ford’s granddaughter to use at her wedding in December 2006.”

Well, it sure looks nice but the price tag is maybe just that little bit too much for me ;) If you fancy it however then here’s where you can buy it.

Mustang of the week #5

This week in the ‘Mustang of the week’ series my guest is Didier Lahousse (Exxodus on Flickr) from Charleroi (Belgium). Here are his answers to the 5 questions:

1. Which of your own photos in the Flickr group you like most?

This one was taken last summer (‘08). We spot the building in the background long time ago. It’s situated near the local airport and it’s very particular. In fact, the "sails" you see are used to get fresh air in the building, like natural air conditioning and on the roof there is a windmill that generates electrical power to the building. A kind of zero emission building almost ;)

Mustang 1969 Coupe

2. Is there a particular story around one of your Mustang photos that you would like to share? Something that happened when you took it? Or something related to the response you got on the photo so far?

"My mustang on the street of Belgacom tower in Brussels, Belgium." This shoot is a professional shoot; It was used to illustrate an ad for a recycling company. Of cause, some Photoshop mods were done like: cleaning the street from cars, ad panels, … and the water splash was created launching sand bags into water, some reflections were added. If someone got the final product (magazine), I would appreciate if you could send me a scan!

(Bussel / Bruxelles) Oups!

Pictures taken on set (you’ll see the before / after effect):

3. Do you own a Mustang yourself? Which model? And would you like to have one if that’s not the case yet?

Got a 1969 V8 302 Coupe Mustang. Lot’s of mods where applied to the car like, some goodies to the engine, T5 5 speed trans, a ford 3.55 (read end 9”), 03 mach1 wheel (17”), line lock, cut outs, and more to come.

Some of the rebuild story photos can be found here.

4. Do you have a specific love for photographing Mustangs? Or is a coincidence? Or a passion for cars in general?

My mustang Story started in 2002, when I bought my own. As a French speaking man, I searched the interne for a good quality site to help me rebuild my pony. Not really happy by what i found, i decide to open my own "mustang passion forum" ( ). Since, the website has grown a lot and is now known as the French speaking reference site with more than 1600 members and 150.000 messages posted. In 2005, ‘mustang passion’ also transformed into a Mustang owner Club in Belgium and in France.

5. Which one of the other photos (in the Flickr group) are you jealous of as a photographer?

Many! But I always loved this one :

Mustang by Tabajara Car Rox - Revista Maxi Tuning

Good choices Didier. I would personally have chose other rims on the Mustang but then again, I don’t even have one… at least you do :)

Here’s on of the photos I like most out of your collection:

Mustang 1969 Coupe

More goodness next Friday!

Mustang forest!

So you’re scanning through your RSS reader as usual and then you read this: [Secret Garden] Massive Secret Junkyard found in Rhode Island Forest. Worth investigating don’t you think?

“Imagine a secret junkyard frozen in time somewhere around the 70’s with every bit of vintage hardware stretching for hundreds of acres. Classic Mustangs, Camaros, Cadillacs, Hemis; you name it, it’s here. But not for long: The law man’s saying to crush ’em. Massive mega-gallery below along with the location and what you can do to save them.”

Look at a selection of photos to get a taste of what is in the ‘Mustang forest’:





Seriously, this beats about everything I’ve written about on this blog. Here is what the guy who took all the photos (a ton of them) had to say about this:

“Thousands of these classics will go to waste. Here is mostly mustang pictures I took . There us Hundreds of 64-71 Mutangs. Boss, mach 1, many many convertibles, K codes, fastbacks.. Maybe Shelbys? The owner is crazy. He’s always drunk is very hard to deal with. He’s in another world. He said he personally DROVE nearly all the cars in a field in the 60’s-70 and left them there for dead. Many are rusted beyond repair. But there still many parts cars. It will take about two weeks of walking 5 hours a day to see all the cars here. Plus many of them are so buried in overgrown trees and prickers there is no way to see them. I seen a dozen complete 392 hemi cars. This guy refuses to advertise, so nobody knows about it. Believe it or not the guy is still buying cars and driving them in the woods. The last time i was there the owner bought a running 60’s mustang and drove it in the woods to be left for dead.”

Want to save a Mustang… and a forest at the same time? Here’s where you need to go. I looked it up on Live Maps and this is what it looks like from above:


Unbelievable! I have no other words for it.

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