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Marketing the Mustang: An American Icon

Apparently there’s a documentary titled "Marketing the Mustang: An American Icon." on the Mad Men Season 4 DVDbox-set extras. It tells how Ford executive Lee Iacocca persuaded a very reluctant Henry Ford to build the Mustang by citing research his agency guys gave him about the target demo (newly affluent boomers), and lays out the groundbreaking marketing of what would become an instant automotive classic.

Among the revelations in the doc: A lot of the Ford Mustang’s initial marketing was directed at women — the focus of the clip below. There are also a whole bunch of print ads shown in the this 2 min clip but if you’re a regular reader of this blog you have seen most of them already ;)


Thanks for the heads up Steven.

[Via Steven / AdAge]


Ford Mustang at the movies

Or ‘in the movies’ actually. I just found the IMCDB website aka Internet Movie Cars Database which allows you to search for movies and tv-series by entering a car’s make and model into the search field. So that’s what I did and then I sorted them out by importance/role with the most important one on top. Not that it’s hard to guess what movie that could be of course.


Like. And for the Bullitt fans, I have a special around Bullitt coming up in a couple of days. Stay tuned.

Bullitt canvas art

Carposters are cool in a boys bedroom, but when you get older you might want things to look a bit more artistic. That’s exactly what the Drivr team thought when they tipped us of this automotive canvas art. And yes, there’s Mustang in there ;)


Wouldn’t you want this 4 panel painting in your living room? I know I would. You can have it in several sizes. There are other Bullitt related paintings as well in case you’d like the idea but look for another image. It looks like they ship pretty much everywhere. I’m interested.

It’s happy time

When was the last time you saw a reverse spin as part of a car’s road test? A serious road test that is, and not any of the shenanigans the Top Gear team performs on a weekly basis :) I suppose it has been a while. In fact I cannot remember seeing it ever as part of a road test, but then again… only with the 1968 GT500KR it is happy time:

[Via ‘67 Mustang Blog]

Turbo Boosted Super Pursuit Edition

Whenever they announced the new Knight Rider TV series would use a Mustang, that obviously sparked some interest with me. I blogged about it when it happened but didn’t get a chance to see it yet as I don’t live in the US. At Comic-Con 08 in San Diego end of July, they presented the Turbo Boosted Super Pursuit version of KITT… and what can I say, it’s fugly! What do you think?


Oh and while you’re at it, if you’ve seen the series already, let me know if it’s any good please. That way I know if I should keep an eye out for it once it’s available here.

PS: Yes I know it’s meant to be quite a bit over the top, so I’m totally fine with NBC doing this in case you wondered… but that doesn’t make it look any better though ;)

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