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Jalopnik ‘Forza Motorsport’ GT500KR

Jalopnik had their own branded Mustang built in Forza Motorsport 3 – the 1968 Ford Shelby Mustang Jalopnik Forza Motorsport GT500KR – as it’s named. Could have been a shorter name right?

Anyway, here it is.


If you play Forza Motorsport, you’ll have to figure out for yourself how to get this one, but it sure looks worth finding out.

Mustang is designed to be designed by you [AdClassix Week II]

This entry belongs to the 2nd edition of the AdClassix special we’re organizing here this week – all in honor of some great classic Mustang ads. You can find the full collection here at the end of the week.

The Mustang was one of the first (if not the first) to allow it’s customers to modify it based on available options:

“Mustang invites creativity in its owner – it’s the car designed to be designed by you. By dipping into a surprisingly wide array of options, you can make your Mustang as personal as your signature”


More AdClassix tomorrow.

Hot Wheels?!

A day after posting about one of the most beautiful Mustangs ever, I post what is probably the most ugly Mustang. Well, not a real Mustang but this GT Mustang-based concept car sure is butt-ugly.  And it beats me why this is supposed to be a ‘Mustang’, anyway take a look for yourself at what Jalopnik calls an overgrown Hot Wheels car.


Mustang Wagon

Fact or fiction? There is a great article over at Hemming blogs talking about the Mustang Station Wagon, or at least something that could have been exactly that. Some time ago they posted a photo of a Mustang Station Wagon, along with a claim (not from them though) that Ford actually built two Mustang Station Wagons sometime in 1966. Now that doesn’t sound too crazy, does it? When it comes to body variations of the Ford Mustang, you have the hardtop, convertible and fastback and indeed there’s potentially some room for a 4th: the station wagon. Now I’m not necessarily saying that is a good idea, I’m just saying it makes sense purely looking at the facts ;)

There’s 2 things I particularly like about this story. First since I had never heard about the Wagon until now I think that’s kinda neat, but second and far more impressive to me (as a geek marketer) is how the posting the initial photo at Hemmings blog made the community interact and basically straighten the story out. So the rumour was Ford actually made two Mustang Station Wagons to test the concept and funny enough Hemmings blog had received photos of two different Mustang Station Wagons as well… could they be it?

“I think a lot of the rumors of factory prototype station wagons go back to late 1966, when Intermeccanica built the above Mustang station wagon for advertiser Barney Clark and designer Bob Cumberford and said wagon got exposure in the buff books of the day, including Car Life and on the October 1966 cover of Car and Driver. According to Intermeccanica’s website, the company actually built the wagon in 1965: “A Mustang Station Wagon prototype was built for the W. J. Thompson advertising agency. The car was presented as an idea car to Ford Motor Company.” Jeff Pearce said the Intermeccanica car still exists, though it’s “rusting away somewhere back East.”

Apparently Ford themselves had indeed 2 internal design proposals on the table, but all three of them (their own two and that one of Intermeccanica) rejected, closing down the idea for good. Fascinating story if you ask me. Go and read on all the details at the Hemmings blog.

The Bertone Mustang

My buddy Cameron of the 67 Mustang blog did a great find recently of an early Mustang prototype designed by the famous Italian car designer Bertone. The reason for this design was apparently because the immediate success of the early Mustang in the US wasn’t followed in Europe. Therefore a more European design seemed appropriate and Bertone was contacted for it. Ford liked the design very much and showed it on the New York Motor Show but it never got into production. Neither does anyone know the whereabouts of the Bertone Mustang either. More details on the story here.


My take? It looks like a very nice and modern design especially considering when it was created, but apart from the Mustang logo it doesn’t look like a Mustang to me at all. Still nice design Bertone.

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