The Quest

When I talked ‘about me’ I explained the concept of this blog (go there quickly if you don’t know what it is yet). On this page I will put all the posts that are part of this quest so you can find them easier:

  1. Why not just buy one?
  2. A Mustang project
  3. Mustangvertising
  4. Mustang evangelism
  5. Adult supervision required
  6. If it wasn’t for my marriage
  7. Second Mustang
  8. MustangDirect
  9. Buy an abandoned house in Portugal
  10. Mustang blues
  11. One little red Mustang
  12. Wazzaa!
  13. Unlock a Mustang
  14. The legend lives
  15. Let Hertz put you in the driver’s seat
  16. In da hood
  17. Mustang GRID
  18. Legostang
  19. NavStang for a year
  20. M(o)us(e)stang
  21. Learn how to play golf
  22. (coming soon)

Enjoy the read!

Kris Hoet


7 responses to “The Quest”

  1. bill says :

    Hey, how about a 1971 convertible, 351 Cleveland V8, automatic. 7,080 orig miles. Mach 1 stripe package. Original

  2. bigblock429 says :

    Hey i got a 65 mustang and they are beautiful check out my blog might find something you might like!

  3. Kat says :

    Hi Kris,

    let’s see, you could win the 1969 Boss 302 & 2012 “Patriot Edition” Boss 302 to help you in your quest for your 65 Mustang from the Win the Sweepstakes to benefit the Healing Heroes Network.

    You could sell the 1969- 1 of 46 w/ Parnelli Jones autograph on it, and then voila… you just have to find the one you’d like, lol. Of course if you didn’t have room for the 2012 Boss Patriot Edition 1-of-1- I’d be happy to keep it at my house, lol.


    • Kris Hoet says :

      Hey Kat – that sounds like a great idea. Any chance you can help me win it? ;) Just kidding. I’ll find out if the contest could be featured on the blog.


  4. mathieu hendrickx says :

    Dear Kris Hoet,
    Beste Kris Hoet,

    Interessante blog!
    Omdat je zo fanatiek bezig bent met ford mustang
    wil ik u uitnodigen voor volgend project:

    On May, 26th 2011 the first version of the Project Ford Mustang will be presented by the two visual artists Kindermann/ Hendrickx to open up the discourse. With the simple act of pushing an inoperative Ford Mustang through the urban space they literally push the picture to its gallery but even more a number of questions ahead. Where did this ideal of freedom lead us into and which might be the one of tomorrow? With On the Road the two artists superpose a performance as immediate confrontation with the unpredictable dynamics of Brussels public space in specific, with the Ford Mustang as epitome for an abstract and ongoing media representation designing our never-ending believe of individual and collective freedom.

    Opening on May 26th 18-22h
    (exhibition open on Fr 27th/Sat 28th 14-18h @ Recyclart Ursulinenstraat 7 1000 Brussels )

    link naar tekst/facebookpagina:


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