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Ford Mustang history infograph

It may not be the most beautiful infographic of all, but since it features the history of my favorite Mustang it’s definitely worth sharing. It’s like the Mustang’s history cheat sheet ;)


Oh yes, and I’m back – in case you actually missed me :)

Bullitt canvas art

Carposters are cool in a boys bedroom, but when you get older you might want things to look a bit more artistic. That’s exactly what the Drivr team thought when they tipped us of this automotive canvas art. And yes, there’s Mustang in there ;)


Wouldn’t you want this 4 panel painting in your living room? I know I would. You can have it in several sizes. There are other Bullitt related paintings as well in case you’d like the idea but look for another image. It looks like they ship pretty much everywhere. I’m interested.

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