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#22: 1969 Mustang. Homemade. From paper!


How awesome is this?! This Brooklyn artist is making an entire 1969 Mustang from scratch… from paper:

In his latest work One Piece at a Time, Brooklyn artist Jonathan Brand has constructed every single part of a 1969 Mustang coupe at 1:1 scale out of nothing but paper. Using digital drawings as a source, he printed the blueprints with a large-format inkjet printer. The components were then meticulously cut out and folded into a wide range of objects including spark plugs, nuts and bolts, a radiator, and even the individual tire treads. The final work will not be assembled into an entire vehicle, but rather displayed as loose miniature sculptures.

Thinking back about the reason that I initially started this blog, this is a good one for the series of posts I wrote about ‘the quest’. Not sure if I have the patience for this though. But just look at this stuff, how cool is that, seriously. I gotta go see this!



More pictures and video (!) at This is Colossal, go check it out.

[Source: Colossal // Hat tip to Clo]



Let’s kick off Monday in good fashion. With a Mustang and a babe, how about that? ;)


Bullitt canvas art

Carposters are cool in a boys bedroom, but when you get older you might want things to look a bit more artistic. That’s exactly what the Drivr team thought when they tipped us of this automotive canvas art. And yes, there’s Mustang in there ;)


Wouldn’t you want this 4 panel painting in your living room? I know I would. You can have it in several sizes. There are other Bullitt related paintings as well in case you’d like the idea but look for another image. It looks like they ship pretty much everywhere. I’m interested.


In a new series of blogposts that I’m preparing I wanted to expand the focus of this blog to all classic muscle cars, and for once not just the Mustang. And although I’m not ready yet with those posts, the news about the Camustenger seemed like the perfect way to announce this new series. Why? Because it really is the Camaro, Mustang and Challenger mixed up. Not bad even :)


It is just a model but still worth checking out. You can find more information about this Camustenger right here.

$5.5 Million Ford Mustang? (Update!)

Only a day after posting about this pretty expensive Mustang, I read it escaped a fire at the Northern Illinois Classic Auto Museum! Luckily it was saved from the fire:

“An early fire detection system and fast response from the Wauconda Fire Department saved one of the most iconic pieces of automotive Americana.  Damage to the museum is estimated to be about $250K with most of it being smoke related.”

I want to add that my blogpost so close to the fire is a pure coincidence ;)

Mustang of the week #7

Yes I know, I missed last week. I didn’t have any post lined up in advance and the holidays called for no blogging activity so there you go. We are back in full swing though this week and our guest this time is Tony Starr from Melbourne (Australia) – where all the best Mustangs are as Tony puts it :)

1. Which of your own photos in the Flickr group you like most?

Tough question. Probably my favorite Mustang photograph, isn’t in the group. What is there of mine, I probably like the film shot, with my reflection in a ’66 side mirror.

2. Is there a particular story around one of your Mustang photos that you would like to share? Something that happened when you took it? Or something related to the response you got on the photo so far?

I guess one of the more interesting photographs, is the one of my old girlfriend wearing her mustang belt buckle at a mustang round-up. I pulled her across in front of one of the cars and shot her standing there, with the belt bucket and mustang coral side-by-side.

3. Do you own a Mustang yourself? Which model? And would you like to have one if that’s not the case yet?

For a while there, I was looking at buying one. I’ve always loved the shape of the original coupe and fastback. I’d love to own a 69 or 70 mach 1. maybe one day. I already have two classic cars, taking up my time and money!

4. Do you have a specific love for photographing Mustangs? Or is a coincidence? Or a passion for cars in general?

I’ve always photographed cars. I guess it comes pretty natural to photograph the things you love, when you pick up a camera. I love most cars from the 60s and 70s. it was such a golden era in automotive history. and there’s nothing better than seeing a restored or (even better) an immaculate original car from that era being driven.

5. Which one of the other photos (in the Flickr group) are you jealous of as a photographer?

Anything by evvvvs, of course. His wide-angle style are pretty wicked.

Glowing 66

Thanks for sharing Tony! My favorite within your Flickr set must be this one, awesome shot…

… although I like this one a lot as well. And where did you find the buckle? :)

More goodness next week. I will have to chase some people on getting the answers in though…

Boss & Mach 1 [AdClassix Week]

This entry belongs to the AdClassix special we’re organizing here this week – all in honor of some great classic Mustang ads. You can find the full collection here at the end of the week.

Thank god it’s Friday, you’re getting a double treat today – the 1970 ads for both the Boss and the Mach 1. First the ‘70 Boss 302 or Son of Trans-Am as they’re calling it, referring to the Boss Mustang winning Trans-Am races year after year.


Same year, same style of ad: the Mach 1 – pronounced Mach Won! Now that’s a nice way to say you’re a winner, this time referring to the 1969 Manufacturer’s Rally Championship.


Two more days of AdClassix, keep coming.

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